Monday, March 21, 2011

Schwerin Castle

Popularly known in Germany as Schweriner Schloss, this beautiful castle is located in the city of Schwerin, the capital of Bundesland in Mecklenburg, Germany. It is the former home to the Dukes of Mecklenburg. When all German princely states where disbanded at the end of World War I, Schwerin Castle was sequestered by the government and made it the home of the parliament.

The first recorded history of the castle was dated back in the 10th century where the fort of the obotrites tribes was located along the large lake of Schwerin, the area became the target of the German noblemen who dreamed to expand their territories. It passed through many wars and conflicts until descendants of one of the obotrites bought the place in the 14th century. The leader of this tribe became the first Duke of Mecklenburg.

The succeeding Dukes made several alteration and renovation of the castles influenced by architectural design during each period of their reigns. In 1918 after the collapse of the German Empire, Germany became a German Democratic Republic which opposes nobility, the Duke was forced to abdicate and the castle was converted into a museum then a kindergarten school. Now the castle is the current seat of the Parliament of Mecklenburg-Vormenn.

Schwerin is one of the oldest cities in Germany and its history and beautiful landscapes spurred interests among travelers. The castle is open to public for a visit.