Monday, March 21, 2011

Hunyad Castle

Hunyad Castle is built on a rock atop the small river along Hunedoara, Romania. It is the former home of the rulers of Hunyad dynasty in the 15th century. It is mainly styled in Gothic design but with some elements of the Renaissance architecture in later period. Its features dominate strong defense towers and drawbridge. The castle composed of colorful roofs, myriad windows and balconies carved in stones. It has been modified several times by the succeeding occupants but retained its classic Gothic designs.

Several legends attached to this ancient fortress and one of the most famous tales is that of Vlad III to which the fictional story of Bram Stoker's Dracula was partly based. According to its legend, Vlad III was imprisoned at Hunyad Castle for 7 years in the 15th century. Since then lots of ghosts and spirits had been variedly told haunting around the castle. 

In 2007, the British paranormal program, The Most Haunted Live! was held at Hunyad castle for three nights, conducting an investigation about paranormal activities, however, no clear results were established. The castle is famous for its beautiful garden of green plants, neatly trimmed lawn and scenic environment.