Europe during ancient times was enormously divided into several feudal territories. Emperors, Kings, Dukes and Lords built castles to protect their territories from invaders. If unfortunately defeated, rulers were either killed or held prisoners and their territories were then merged forming another bigger states. Castles then served as their official seat of court or residences.

The castles' glorious past was immortalized by artists, poets and writers through their artworks using several medieval fortresses as backdrops, hence, giving birth to fairytale stories that enthralled people down the centuries. For many generations, European castles play an important role in reshaping the history of Europe, more importantly on the continent's popularity as the cradle of fairytale. The tales of Princes and Princesses, Kings and Queens bombarded by Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimms brothers continue to captivate millions of people even up to the modern world.

Several castles and palaces have been preserved since the middle ages, some of these structures are rebuilt and renovated by succeeding occupants with a touch of elegance and pageantry provoking interest and inspiration. The sight of the ruins of some European castles echoes good memories from the past. 

In this blog, let us travel back in time and visit some of the most imposing Gothic architectural designs of Castles and palaces that propelled Europe's reputation as the world's most enchanting continent. Royal  structures are its biggest tourist attractions.