Welcome to CASTLES IN EUROPE, a blog showcasing some of the most romantic and spectacular Castles in Europe. I created this blog last March 12, 2011, a day after the shocking news of Japan's earthquake and Tsunami hit the world. In the aftermath of this terrifying catastrophe, Japan's nuclear reactors are triggering another disaster--the possible meltdown and radiation penetration in the atmosphere. Relaxing one afternoon in my room, I tried whisking my mind away from these disasters by creating a blog about fairytale and writing about castles is a perfect choice.

The contents of this blog are purely based on the knowledge I gathered through reading and research about Europe's glorious past. I'd been doing extensive research about European royalty and history for almost 16 years now.

European continent houses some of the most spectacular castles and palaces in the world. The medieval royal fortresses always bring magic and fascination that for a while, I forgot the horror of earthquakes, Tsunami and Radiation.

Some of these castles are still inhabited others are converted into museum or exhibition galleries and venues for weddings and film productions.