Thursday, March 17, 2011

Edinburgh Castle

According to the official website of Edinburgh Castle "Your visit to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is incomplete without visiting the amazing castle of Edinburgh". True enough

For many centuries, Edinburgh Castle stands imposingly as Scotland's most enduring symbol of royalty. Regally built on top of the Edinburgh Castle Rock, this ancient royal fortress is one of Britain's best tourist attractions. 

Built around 12th century and renovated by previous medieval Scottish and English Kings, the site  offers a perfect view of the whole Edinburgh City, the tranquil skyline and the spectacular view of the mountains on the north and Princes Street garden below. The Castle is currently own by the Ministry of Defense - United Kingdom's government department responsible for the implementation of government's defense policy. It is also the headquarter of the British Armed Forces.

The castle houses the national museum of Scotland, St. Margaret's chapel, Scottish national war memorial, Great Hall, the royal palace and the garrison of the 52nd infantry brigade. Like most castles around Europe, Edinburgh Castle is also open to the public.