Monday, March 7, 2011


Apart from other royal castles around Europe which were originally built to protect territories from invaders during the medieval period, Karlstejn Castle in the Czech Republic near its capital, Prague, was uniquely created in 1348 by Emperor Charles IV as a repository of his royal treasures, valuable art collections and jewels from the Roman Empire. The castle is beautifully carved on the wooded hills along the Karlstejn village few kilometers from Prague. It is wonderfully surrounded with thick green forest.

The construction of this impressive Bohemian castle was personally supervised by the Emperor and oversaw the additions of buildings and interior designs, it has a chapel of the Holy Cross situated on the Great Tower of the structure. This castle is styled in Gothic architectural design and passed through many renovations. Now this castle houses several art collections and priceless paintings. 

The castle is open to the public with pre-arranged visit. It is one of the most frequently visited Castles in Europe because of its amazing location on top of the hills. The tranquil scenery and the spectacular view of the green forest of Czech republic made the castle an ideal  location for excursion and relaxation.

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