Sunday, January 12, 2014

Borrekens Castle

Located within the municipality of Vorselaar in the province of Antwerp, Belgium, Borrekens Castle, is one of the medieval castles in Belgium that survived until now. It is privately owned and according to few sources in the internet, the castle is not open to visitors, however those who just want to take pictures, the castle can be viewed on the road and visitors are permitted to take photos on the exterior of the castle.

Locals in Vorselaar called it Kasteeel de Borrekens. Its construction dated back in 1270 and originally belonged to Van Rotselaar family. By the 16th century the castle went to different families: Cornelies Van Bergen, Arensberg and Proost. It is not known however if these families belonged to Belgian nobilities.

In 17th century, Proost family sold the castle to a local official in Antwerp after the family had financial trouble. The castle undergone another renovation in 19th century and was sold later to the Borrekens family whose ownership survived up to the present time. It is not known however, if the present Borrekens generation reside in the castle.

Since this is a privately owned structure and sources in the internet never mentioned anything about arrangement with local tours to visit the castle on special occasions, it is difficult however to speculate if a special arrangement with the owners can be arranged. Judging from the photos available online, the exterior and surroundings of Borrekens Castle it seemed the building is well-maintained. Poor thing.