Sunday, November 20, 2011

Anthony House in Cornwall

I just got a copy of Disney's Alice in the Wonderland through a friend and while watching the first half of the film I noticed its captivating and magical location, the beautiful mansion, the landscape, woodland and the gorgeous garden of plants and flowers. So I tried doing some research where in the universe this location is situated. Oh and it's in Cornwall, England, one of the places in Europe I dreamed to visit someday!

Anthony House in Cornwall was chosen by the movie's director, Tim Burton, after he was presented with many locations to stage the production of Alice in the Wonderland because of its magical ground. It is a spectacular 18th century mansion set in 25 acres of landscapes and parkland. Beautifully located between the Toirpoint town and the village of Anthony in Cornwall, England (not far from the gorgeous coast line of Plymouth), Anthony House is overlooking the Lynher River and surrounded with courtyard, flower beds, ornamental Japanese pond, terraces, natural woodland, stone carvings and beautifully-manicured lawn.

This elegant mansion was reportedly built around 1711-1721 for Sir William Carew which was inherited by his descendants until 1961 when it was turned over to the National Trust to take care the estate. The mansion consists of a two-storey block in silver-grey stone features with two brick wings joined by the colonades. Its rooms are paneled with Dutch oak and contained medieval furniture with several displays of exquisite china, tapestries, embroideries and a splendid collection of portraits including King Charles I of England depicting his famous trial in the 17th century.

The mansion's magnificent garden includes the national collection of Day Lilies, yew hedges, topiary, stone carvings from NorthWest India, a beautiful Burmese temple bell and several sculptures. Its woodland is noted for azaleas, camelias, magnolias and bath pond house. The woodland provides an enthralling experience of wandering and delightful walks.

Anthony House is open for a public visit between March and October, just visit the official website of The National Trust UK HERE how to arrange a tour.