Monday, March 7, 2011


Schallaburg Castle is one of the best known renaissance castles in the outskirt of Lower Austria north of the Alps. It is located in the municipality of Schollach and few kilometers from Melk in the Austrian Valley of Wachau. Schallaburg Castle was built in 14th century by the Lose Steiner Dynasty. It has a well-decorated two-story building, arcade court with elegant courtyard and staircases.

The castle represented a unique combination of Romanesque residential castle and Gothic chapel, the decorations are presented in a terracotta mosaic design artistically depicting mythological figures, masks and human beings. Near the gate entrance of the castle, visitors' eyes will be treated to two large smoke spewing dragons where children are free to frolic around the area. 

The castle has a culturally rich Mannerist gardens with beautiful and wide range of roses, trees, bushes and herbs and apple orchards. Schallaburg Castle is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations around the Austrian Valley.

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